DIRT is a  multi-surface multi-stage race through the spectacular Blackwood Cycling Region of Western Australia. With 20 categorised climbs and 4120 metres of elevation gain over 168 kilometres, DIRT is an epic three days on the gravel. Suitable for riders of all abilities with routes designed to suit MTB, Gravel, CX or custom built Superbikes. Riders of hand MTBs and e-bikes are also welcome to take up the DIRT challenge.

Four spectacular stages over three days are on offer, in natural arenas that are ideal for spectating.

Sign up for all four stages, or just for the Queen Stage on Saturday October 5th from Linga Longa Bike Park.

At the end of each stage, the first, second and third male and female overall will be awarded. At the end of the entire event the first, second and third male and female in each age group will be awarded in the following age groups:

  • Under 21 years
  • Open (21 to 39 years)
  • 40 to 49 years
  • 50 to 59 years
  • 60+ years

Stage 1


A punchy and exhilarating 7.3km Individual Time Trial (ITT) will kick off your DIRT adventure. Starting at Empire Lake at the bottom of the magnificent Asplin Arboretum, the route winds up past the incredibly picturesque Kangaroo Valley and The Drop Off to your left, with breathtaking views over Zircon Valley breaking out on your right as you summit the 2.5km climb. Turning right to wind your way down the Asplin Road switchbacks, you will drop out onto Zircon Road, where you will start to pick up speed as you reach the beginning of an exciting 3km descent back to the start/finish line. The start is tough, with 145 metres elevation climbed in 2.5km, but the descent is thrilling! Who will have the legs to climb and the skills to descend the fastest? Your result in the ITT will determine your place on the starting grid for following stages.

DIRT is inspired by classic events like Strade Bianche.


Stage 2

Mount Folly

This stage takes you through spectacular pine forests, starting with the hidden gem of the historic Asplin Arboretum with its towering conifers from across the globe, and the magical Butterfly Valley where a nursery of Monarch butterflies will accompany you on the climb out of the valley. Starting at Empire Lake, the route swings around to the Folly Road ascent, and then into one of Nannup’s best kept secret adventure playgrounds for lovers of gravel: Little Idaho. You’ll climb tree-lined switchbacks to reach Tank 4, then descend Marischal Road at speeds of up to 70kms before the gruelling but breathtaking climb past The Rock. A grind up Northside Road will deliver you to Asplin, for the final thrilling descent down past Zircon Falls to arrive back at the start/finish line. With eight categorised climbs in 42kms, and a total of 1110 metres of elevation, the Mount Folly Trail Race is a superb stage for both climbers and descenders. Our tip, go easy early. Don’t underestimate this stage…it’s way tougher than the 42kms suggests.


Stage 3

Linga Longa

This is the Queen Stage of DIRT, and our most compelling stage ever.  At 77.5km and nearly 2000 metres of climbing, this is a very tough stage, but also the most beautiful. Starting and finishing in the natural arena of the Linga Longa Bike Park, you will begin the first major loop with a 4km warm up along Southampton Road until you reach the iconic Arcadia Climb, which will deliver you back down to the river on Radiata Road. The 180m-up-180m-down adventure of Pinea and Larix Roads weave you back to Radiata to progress onwards to the heritage-listed Lewana Cottages. Once through Lewana, you will ascend the glorious Muricata Road, and experience your first sweeping views of The Crucible on the northern side of Balingup-Nannup Road. The Ellis Creek Road climb is the next challenge, with 3km of relentless climbing. At the top, you will be rewarded with the delightful 4km downhill twists of Contorta and Patula Roads. At the eastern edge of the Hillbille Winery, you will climb switchbacks through heavily wooded and craggy terrain to reach Pallustris Road and a steady 15kms of gaining altitude to the highest point of the stage at 327 metres on Buffa Road. The thrilling Arcadia descent is next, delivering you back down to Southampton Road and around the Linga Longa Lake, where the second minor loop begins with the first of the four “Walls of the Apocalypse” on Cassia Road. The turn onto Dalgarup Road presents the next three walls, with the turn into Thompson Road providing you with a fast 3km descent back to Southampton Road and along the river for the final push to the finish line at Linga Longa.


Stage 4

Element Valley

Starting and finishing at the iconic Tank 7 just outside of Nannup, this 42km 900 metre stage loops you around Element Valley in the southern Folly Plantation area. Plummeting 100 metres at the start before climbing 160 metres all within the first 4 km, the route will then sweep you along the undulations of Brockman Road and the racetrack of Uranium Road before plunging into the cool, green tunnel of Arsenic Road. A challenging climb up Lindsay Road will return you to Tank 7, where you will repeat the loop before finishing atop the Tank 7 Lookout, with magnificent views towards the lowlands of the Margaret River Region. There’s a little challenge thrown in for spectators too…walk or ride the 1km from the parking area up to Tank 7 for one of the best views in the area, and cheer the riders on as they come charging up to the lookout, make the tight turn around the tank and head out for another loop of the valley. Who will you see emerge from the trees on the final climb to the finish line?


More event details coming soon…stay tuned.