How good is this dawn footage from Nannup? Shot over the course by our videographer Marco Noe.

Posted by RIDE WA on Monday, 5 February 2018

Snippets of SEVEN, we are not sure if Australia has ever had a bike race quite like this before. #survivingseven

Posted by RIDE WA on Tuesday, 30 January 2018

You just might be able to do it...🎥🎞️ Marco Noe

Posted by RIDE WA on Friday, 9 February 2018

An Australian Classic is born…May 19th 2018

SEVEN links together Western Australia’s best trails and most spectacular climbs to form the ultimate one day challenge in Australian cycling. The 125km route features nine categorised climbs, a total of 2810 metres of elevation gain. The scenery along the way is more typical of North American landscapes than how people typically imagine Australia to be. SEVEN has been designed to be difficult, completion of all seven sectors will represent victory, SEVEN will redefine your limits, and succeed or fail, it will be experience that you will remember forever.


The course starts and finishes in the picturesque township of Nannup approximately 40 minutes drive from the major regional centres of Busselton, Bridgetown and Margaret River. The route winds its way around the golden triangle of cycling in WA that is formed by connecting the townships of Nannup, Bridgetown and Donnybrook. This area is estimated to be around 30,000 acres and have in excess of 1000km of rideable roads and trails.

The Climbs

The major climbs of SEVEN are amongst the best that the State has to offer. These climbs range in length from 1.2km to 4.5km long with gradients frequently touching on 20%. Our advise is to not use too much energy too early, the primary climbs of Brockman Farm, The Crucible, Arcadia and Chainsaw Ridge will in particular be challenging to tired legs.

Who can enter? 

SEVEN is open to riders of all abilities, however a medium to high level of fitness will be required to complete all seven sectors in the allotted ten hours. FIVE will be a popular option with an anticipated 50% of the field in this category. The event is not suitable for road bikes. For riders from non MTB backgrounds we strongly recommend the use of caution on descents, as for every epic climb in the event there is a corresponding downhill.

Entry Options

Enter with the intent to try and ride all seven sectors (SEVEN) or choose an 85km option that takes in five sectors, (FIVE.) There is also an option for people to sign up top be a part of our crew if you would like to be a part of the event, but don’t feel that you are up to riding.

Pre Event

A series of pre event orientation days will be held in the lead up to SEVEN to help familiarise people with the nature of the road surface and of the terrain. A rider briefing will be held on the eve of the race at 7pm Friday, May 18th. 

Gold Buckles – fastest time in the following categories

  • Open Male and Female (all bikes excluding e-bikes)
  • Male and Female (mtb only)
  • 40-50’s Male and Female (all bikes excluding e-bikes)
  • 40-50’s  Male and Female (mtb only)
  • 50+  Male and Female (all bikes excluding e-bikes)
  • 50+ Male and Female (mtb only)
  • Clydesdale 100kg+ riders

Silver Buckles

  • Fastest times in above categories for riders entering FIVE
  • All riders entered in SEVEN before March 31st who successfully complete the entire course inside of designated cut off times.

Bike Selection 

MTB: Extra gears for climbs and more surety on the descents, for most riders MTB will be the best option.

CX/Gravel Bikes: For certain sectors and in certain areas CX or Gravel Bikes will have a speed advantage over MTBs. On climbs and on technical descents we expect that these type of bikes will lose time to MTBs. Our recommendation is to know your bike and understand your limitations.

E-Bikes: Even on an E-bike SEVEN will be challenging. You will not be eligible for awards but you will receive a time.


For riders wanting to stay central to all of the action the Nannup Caravan Park is positioned right on the start line and offers all of the ammenities usually associated with such facilities. You will also be within easy walking distance of the after party on Saturday night. Around Nannup and the surrounding towns there are various options for more luxurious sleeping arrangements, these can be found on the accommodation page of this website.

“SEVEN will change your perception of Western Australia forever” 

Provisional Map

I’ve lived and worked in SW WA for 30+ years. The course is unlike almost all of it. Visit another country in your own will hurt, it will might break you, but the beer will taste even sweeter if you make the finish line

Rod Annear

I found it to be a good variety of trails, with some definitely more suited to mountain bikes especially on Sector 4. The views were to die for, you could see for miles. The scenery was stunning. I was pleased that all the climbs we did were quite manageable, and there were no soul-shattering walking hills.

Stefanie Van Amerongen

This event is unlike anything you have done previously. This is a race, but a race against yourself. You will want to get up the next hill, just to see the view. It's not about winning, it's about surviving. Sure you can do 4 big climbs but will the fifth one stop you in your tracks? Or the sixth one? The vistas sure will if the climb doesn't. It's gonna hurt, you will cramp, and if you don't finish, there is always next year. This is a personal challenge. Bring it on!

Rod Lakelin

The 2 sectors we rode were spectacular, tough, enjoyable and great to see so many breeds of wildlife spectating.
Racing all Seven sectors “ will be a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when your tired - you quit when the gorilla is tired” Robert Strauss quote.

Stephen McNeilly