A brand new concept in team-based road riding and racing

Road racing on your own terms and in your own time!

  • Riviera is a new way of racing your road bike with your team
  • Riviera is 21 of our favourite segments of road in the Margaret River Region of Western Australia combined into one event.
  • These segments can be ridden in your own time (with or without your teammates) in order to set and then improve your score on our Riviera Leaderboards.
  • Tactics will be everything: lead out riders, protected riders and monitoring the wind. It’s likely you will have never done an event like this before!
  • Registered riders will receive an e-map and details of each segment so you can begin setting scores in the hope of winning Stages or getting yourself into GC contention!
  • Data will be tracked through our RIVIERA STRAVA CLUB, (You will need to be signed up to STRAVA.)
  • Track your progress and stay up to date with results and stories as they unfold through Raceresult.com, Riviera Facebook Page and RIVIERA STRAVA Club.
  • Segments will generally be incorporated in exisiting safe and scenic routes and range in distance from 2 to 10km.

Important Information

  • All registered riders will need to have access to STRAVA and hold Ride or Race Memberships with AusCycling.
  • Maximum of 12 riders per team.
  • All riders agree to the conditions as outlined in the Integrity Agreement on this page.
  • Results can be registered from January 1st, 2022.
  • Entries close on June 30th 2022.
  • Results will be finalised November 1st 2022.
  • TOMR medals will be awarded to overall winners.
  • The Margaret River venue and date for the final Riviera Awards Ceremony will be confirmed early in 2022.

General Classification and Scoring

  • The General Classification Leaderboard for Riviera will be weighted as follows:
  • Plus 5% for Female riders
  • Plus 5% for 45 to 55 year old riders
  • Plus 10% for 55 to 65 year old riders
  • Plus 15% for 65 years plus
  • Riders will receive a score per segment, 40kmh = 40points (+ weightings)

Integrity Agreement

  • Normal road rules apply at all times.
  • Riders may at no point cross mid lines of roads to improve times.
  • Riders must complete segments entirely under their own power.
  • E-bikes, Tri bikes, Tri Bars and Disc Wheels are not permitted.
  • Drafting behind vehicles (including e-bikes) is not permitted.
  • Drafting and cooperation is permitted with registered team members only.
  • To maximise rider safety, scores must be set within designated times when specified on individual segments.

Introductory entry fee $120 per rider

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