Redefine Your Limits on May 15 2022

SEVEN links together Western Australia’s best trails and most spectacular climbs to form the ultimate one day challenge in Australian cycling. The 125km route features ten categorised climbs, with over 3000 metres of elevation gain. The scenery along the way is more typical of North American landscapes; quite different to how people typically imagine Australia to be. The route has been designed to be difficult and completion of all seven sectors will represent personal victory. SEVEN will redefine your limits and, succeed or fail, it will be an experience you will remember forever.

With 237 competitors in 2018, 550 in 2019, 785 in 2020 and over 1000 in 2021, SEVEN is fast becoming one of the most popular off-road events on the Australian cycling calendar.



The course starts and finishes in the picturesque township of Nannup, approximately 40 minutes drive from the major regional centres of Busselton, Bridgetown and Margaret River. Starting at the Nannup Recreation Centre, the route winds its way around the golden triangle of cycling in WA that is formed by connecting the townships of Nannup, Bridgetown and Donnybrook. This area is estimated to be around 30,000 acres and have in excess of 1000km of rideable roads and trails.

The Climbs

Thanks to the unique topography of the valley and peaks between Nannup and Balingup, the ten major climbs of SEVEN are amongst the best that the State has to offer. These climbs range in length from 1.2km to 4.5km long with gradients frequently touching on 20%. Our advice is to not use too much energy too early. The Category 3 climbs of Brockman, Arcadia, Ellis Creek, Pinaster & Pallustris, Spur and Hideaway are particularly challenging for tired legs.

The Road Surfaces

The route has only 2.6kms of single track at the finish and virtually no fire trails. All the roads used in SEVEN are unpaved and well-formed with a mix of dirt, gravel, hard-packed clay, quartz grit and mica. They wind, climb, switchback and descend through pine plantations, state forest and farms. The best way we can describe the roads of SEVEN is “parallel single track”. They are exciting, challenging and magnificent to ride.

Who can enter? 

The full SEVEN course is open to all riders 18+ years of age, however a medium to high level of fitness will be required to complete all seven sectors in the allotted ten hours. The FIVE course is open to riders 14+ years, and the THREE course is open to riders 13+ years. The event is not suitable for road bikes, but e-MTBs are welcome (non-competitive). For riders from non MTB backgrounds we strongly recommend the use of caution on descents, as for every epic climb in the event there is a corresponding downhill.

Entry Options

Enter with the intent to try and ride all seven sectors (SEVEN) or choose from an 85km/1700m option that takes in five sectors (FIVE) or a 50km/1100m option that takes in three sectors (THREE). There is also an option for people to sign up to be a part of our crew if you would like to be a part of the event, but don’t feel that you are up to riding.

Registration Saturday May 14th

Rider registration is from 12pm to 5pm on Saturday May 14th at the Event Village at the Recreation Centre, Nannup. A rider briefing will be held immediately after from 5pm to 5:30pm. We ask that all riders endeavour to attend the rider briefing.

Event Day Sunday May 15th

The race starts at the Recreation Centre in Nannup at 7am sharp. We ask that all riders be on the start line by 6:45am for the pre-race briefing at 6:50am. All riders must be officially registered to start. Those who cannot make registration on Saturday are asked to be at the registration desk at 6am on Sunday to collect race packs.

On course support

We have six motoscouts patrolling the course, with SAG wagons following the last riders on the SEVEN, FIVE and THREE routes and a 4WD ambulance following the SEVEN SAG wagon.

We have placed nine checkpoints along the route at 14km, 25.5km, 39km, 47km, 56km, 67.5km, 75.5km, 101km and 111km. All checkpoints have marshals and plenty of water to refill your bidons. Checkpoint 6 at Lewana Cottages is also the location of the official rider food bag drop, hydration and nutrition station, and on-course First Aid Post (with a St John Ambulance on site). It’s located at 50km for FIVE riders, and at 67.5km for SEVEN riders. Before the race starts on Sunday morning, you can give us your food packs and we will take them out to Checkpoint 6 for you, so you can have your own preferred nutrition during the race. Another on-course First Aid Post is located at checkpoint 1/8 at the Reveley Bridge.

Our on-course event crew members communicate using mobile phone, radio and satellite phones. Mobile phone reception is good along most of the route. We ask that all riders download and activate the free Emergency+ App on their mobile phones. The app uses GPS functionality built into smart phones to help a Triple Zero (000) caller provide critical location details required to mobilise emergency services. If you cannot call our Incident Manager due to poor mobile phone reception, you can always use the Emergency+ App and our St John Ambulance event medical services on course will be notified immediately, and will work with our Incident Manager to locate and assist you.


SEVEN (125km)

Those riders in the full SEVEN course who finish first, second and third in their age/gender category are expected to attend the podium ceremony to receive their awards. The second and third riders will receive a medal first, then the winner receives the age group winner jersey followed by his/her medal.

The age categories for male and female are 19-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, and 75-79 years.

Souvenir buckles for SEVEN finishers

All riders who complete the SEVEN course in 10 hours will receive a SEVEN souvenir buckle. Those riders completing their third full SEVEN course will receive the blue buckle. Those completing their fifth full SEVEN course will receive the green buckle. All other finishers will receive the silver buckle. Buckles will be distributed at the awards desk.

The awards for Clydesdale riders (100+kg) are to be advised in the near future.

Awards for FIVE (85km)

Riders in FIVE who finish in the top three in the following age categories will be eligible for silver buckles:

  • Overall Male and Female
  • 40-49 Years Male and Female
  • 50-59 Years Male and Female
  • 60+ Years Male and Female

Please note: there are no souvenir buckles awarded for the completion of the FIVE course. This course, and the 50km THREE course, were designed as preparation for taking on the full SEVEN course.

THREE (50km)

Please note: the 50 km THREE course is participation only. No awards or buckles will be given for the completion of this course.

Bike Selection

The SEVEN course has been designed to accommodate both MTB and Gravel bikes without providing a clear advantage to either. Some of our more competitive riders build Superbikes that combine the best aspects of MTB and Gravel bikes into their dream machine. In 2019, approximately 65% of riders in SEVEN rode MTBs.
(Please note: No aero bars, tri bars or road bikes)


Please refer to our accommodation page.

Entry fees

SEVEN Early Bird (to March 31st) $195.00
SEVEN Standard (April 1st on) $225.00

FIVE Early Bird (to March 1st) $155.00
FIVE Standard (April 1st on) $175.00

THREE Early Bird (to March 1st) $125.00
THREE Standard (April 1st on) $150.00

I just wanted to congratulate you and the team for organising such an incredible event. I've raced some big races all over the world, but don't think I can compare Seven to anything else...simply amazing. Can't wait for next year.

Daniel Trinne

This event is unlike anything you have done previously. This is a race, but a race against yourself. You will want to get up the next hill, just to see the view. It's not about winning, it's about surviving. Sure you can do 4 big climbs but will the fifth one stop you in your tracks? Or the sixth one? The vistas sure will if the climb doesn't. It's gonna hurt, you will cramp, and if you don't finish, there is always next year. This is a personal challenge. Bring it on!

Rod Lakelin

I’ve lived and worked in SW WA for 30+ years. The course is unlike almost all of it. Visit another country in your own backyard......you will hurt, it will burn......it might break you, but the beer will taste even sweeter if you make the finish line

Rod Annear

Superbly organised and a great day out. You certainly realised your goal of creating an iconic (infamous!)event. Word will spread for sure. I thought you were guilty of a little marketing hyperbole on the toughness aspect. I was completely wrong. It was every bit as tough and tougher than described.

David Beckwith

2022 MAP

Please note:

The GPX file of the full course is not made public, because the route passes through several private properties, to which we have been granted exclusive access for race day only. These sections of the route are not to be ridden in ordinary time. For example, the entirety of Sector 2: Brockman is on private property and must not be ridden outside of event day. GPX files are not reliable in this area and the course may be changed at short notice if any sections are unrideable due to wet weather. The route is very well marked on race day. It’s always best to follow the signs.