Experience WA in a whole new way

"This Tour is going to put Western Australia on the world cycling map"

A Tour like no other

The Tour of Margaret River is the ultimate experience for your cycling team. The unique format of the Tour means that amateur cyclists can compete directly against riders from the pro tour peloton. Designed especially for teams, TOMR is a highly tactical race where competitors are allocated points in a way specific to each stage. Simply put, there is no other race on the world cycling calendar quite like TOMR.

With over 100 teams participating annually, the Tour of Margaret River is one of the largest competitive road cycling events in Australia.

History of the Tour

From its inception, the Tour of Margaret River has been a bike race like no other. From humble beginnings in 2009 with just 30 riders, the tour has grown into one of the largest stage races in Australia, capable of drawing some of the biggest names in cycling. The Tour has a unique “buzz” because as a amateur cyclist you get to be on the other side of the barricade fence, not just feeling the rush, but being the rush!

In 2018 the Tour again heads out into the winding and undulating roads of Nannup and the Blackwood River Valley. Over the next few years, these scenic roads and the rural hamlets they connect will help elevate the Tour into a must do event on the Australian cycling calendar.