As the Australian Team Championships, the Tour of Margaret River is the ultimate experience for your cycling team. The unique format of the Tour means that amateur cyclists can compete directly against riders from the pro tour peloton. Designed especially for teams, TOMR is a highly tactical race where competitors are allocated points in a way specific to each stage. Simply put, there is no other race on the world cycling calendar quite like TOMR.

With over 100 teams participating annually, TOMR is one of the largest competitive road cycling events in Australia. Teams are seeded into divisions via the stage 1 Team Time Trial, and teams compete for trophies and awards within their division of 60 racers. We are proud to have one of the largest fields of women racing in the country. With open, mixed, and all-women racing categories – and a participation category, we have options to suit all.

TOMR 2020 – Five Stages over Three Days

235 km – 2986 vm

TOMR 2020 is our eleventh edition and our longest and hardest Tour yet. Racing through the forests, farmlands, vineyards and orchards of the golden triangle of Nannup, Manjimup and Balingup, we are expanding our format significantly to introduce some completely new and spectacular roads. Each day is A-to-A racing, so no shuttles will be required.

Stage 1: Gold Rush – Team Time Trial

Friday Nov 6

Undulating, winding and incredibly scenic, this 27km route rises gently from Nannup along the Vasse Highway until it turns left into Gold Gully Road, where it climbs to 305m at the halfway point, before launching riders into an exhilarating, sweeping downhill rush to the finish line along East Nannup Road. Roads will remain open.

Stage 2: Super Saturday – Road Race

Saturday Nov 7

Stage 2 is our Queen Stage 99km 1245vm road race, from the heart of Manjimup to French’s Orchard on Channybearup Road. Cyclists will strike out through the tall timbers of Graphite Road, sweep left along the Vasse Highway and climb up through the valley into the Karri Forests before turning onto Channybearup and racing along the plateau to finish at French’s Orchard.

Stage 3: Southern Forests Flyer – Team Time Trial

Saturday Nov 7

Stage 3 starts where Stage 2 finishes, at French’s Orchard on Channybearup Road. This forested 20km 387vm route has a few steep, short climbs and thrilling descents before it finishes at the railway crossing on Channybearup Road. Teams will ride back along the South Western Highway to the new bike path, which will deliver them back to the event village in Heritage Park, Manjimup.

Stage 4: Roaring Forties – Road Race

Sunday Nov 8

The 40km 457vm Balingup-Nannup Road is one of WA’s top tourist drives and one of the favourite routes of our TOMR racing community. On Day 3, we feature this fabulous forty kilometres with two out-and-back stages. Stage 4 is the Roaring Forties Road Race, featuring closed-road racing for the entire 40km from Nannup to Balingup.

Stage 5: THE CATHEDRAL – Team Time Trial

Sunday Nov 8

Stage 5 is The Cathedral Team Time Trial from Balingup back to Nannup on the 40km Balingup-Nannup Road. This stage is the final push in what will have been a very big TOMR. By finishing in TTT formation, riders can celebrate what we all love most about the Tour…team spirit. The road will be open for this stage, as it was in 2019.


Stage 2 and 3

Riders will have a wait of 30 minutes to 1 hour between the finish of stage 2 and the start of stage 3 at French’s Orchard. Thanks to the wonderful support of the French Family, we will have a dynamic and delightful little event village ready and waiting. The Petit Bleu Roaming Cafe and Espresso Mobile Café coffee vans will be there to provide coffee, cold drinks and snacks. We will also have extra toilets and a water refill point.

Team support personnel and spectators are welcome to join us at French’s Orchard for the stage 2 Road Race finish and changeover to the stage 3 Team Time Trial start. Once the road race has started in Manjimup, head towards Pemberton on the South Western Highway, Vasse Highway, Stirling Road and Pimelea Road. From Pimelea Road, you can park and walk across to French’s Orchard to cheer your team across the finish line, and support them as they prepare for the Stage 3 Team Time Trial back to Manjimup.

Stage 4 and 5

Riders will have a wait of up to 90 minutes between the finish of stage 4 and the start of stage 5. Balingup is already gearing up to ensure that our riders, supporters, spectators and crew are well fed and watered while they wait. After three years of hosting the race in Balingup, The Olde Shed Café and the Mushroom Café in the heart of town know exactly what our riders like to eat between stages and they will be ready and waiting. We will also have the Petit Bleu Café and Merrifield Range vans in the Village Green area to help with the demand.

Team support personnel and spectators are welcome to join us in Balingup for the stage 4 Road Race finish and changeover to the stage 5 Team Time Trial. Please travel from Nannup to Balingup, and from Balingup to Nannup via the Cundinup-Kirup Road. Balingup-Nannup Road will be fully closed for the Road Race from Nannup to Balingup, and we ask that no event traffic travel on course during the Team Time Trial from Balingup back to Nannup.


Registration fee
  • $2280 per team of six
    ($380 per person for five racing stages)
  • Hold your team place via the online registration system, with a deposit of only $380.
  • Balance of $1900 per team to be paid by EFT by team manager (invoice will be sent via email).
  • Payments are per team…not per individual rider. It is the team manager’s responsibility to collect individual payments from riders and make one lump sum payment by EFT to Cycling Eventures, as per the invoice.
  • The registration fee can only be refunded up to October 1st 2020. After October 1st, if a team decides it cannot compete, registrations can be rolled over to TOMR 2021, or the team manager can find a replacement team to fill the place and ensure that all registration details within the registration system are changed to the new team.
  • In the event that Covid-19 restrictions make it impossible to hold the event, every team will be offered a refund or given the opportunity to roll their registration over to TOMR 2021.

A current Cycling Australia annual race membership, a temporary Cycling Australia race membership, WestCycle’s Annual Ride Premium Membership and WestCycle’s special One Week Tour of Margaret River $20 Membership are all suitable for TOMR.

  • Team managers are required to present proof of the above licenses for all team members at registration prior to receiving their race packs.
  • Silver Cycling Australia Licenses, MTBA, BWA or Tri Licences are not acceptable.
  • Age is calculated as at November 6th 2020.
  • All riders holding a current Under 19 CA Race Licence are eligible to enter (including those who will not be 17 years of age by November 6th).
  • Riders holding a current Under 17 CA Race Licence, may be eligible to ride, but must submit an exemption form signed by their coach and submitted to WestCycle for approval.
  • Teams are to consist of 6 riders with a nominated Manager/Captain (can be riding or non-riding).
  • It is the Team Manager’s responsibility to register and pay for their team/s, read the TOMR Race Book, ensure that all team members are well informed of the rules of racing and the racing schedule, and ensure that team logistics are in hand.
  • All male and mixed teams compete in the Open Classification (mixed teams are a mix of men and women).
  • All female teams compete in the All-Female Classification, but can apply to compete in the Open Division.
  • All team members must present to all stages in matching jerseys, with the exception of professional riders who are contractually prevented from doing so.
  • No drafting with other teams on Team Time Trial stages.
  • Riders are required to complete each stage in order to start the next.
  • Protests must be lodged to Commissaires by Team Managers only.
Results based on times

Results are calculated according to the following times:

  • Stage 1: Team time is the time of the fourth rider to cross the finish line (this time determines which division a team is allocated to for subsequent stages, with the fastest ten teams being allocated to division A).
  • Stage 2: Team time is the sum of the first four riders.
  • Stage 3: Team time is the time of the fifth rider to cross the finish line.
  • Stage 4: Team time is the sum of the times of the first and fourth riders.
  • Stage 5: Team time is the time of the fourth rider to cross the finish line.
  • Overall result per team: is the sum of the above five times, with teams being ranked against the 10 teams in each division.

Please note: awards are determined according to the above times. There is no points system in 2020.

  • Stage 1: Fastest Team in the Open Classification and Fastest Team in the All-Female classification.
  • Stage 2: Fastest Rider in each division.
  • Stage 3: Fastest Team in the Open Classification and Fastest Team in the All-Female classification.
  • Stage 4: Fastest Rider in each division.
  • Stage 5: Fastest Team in the Open Classification and Fastest Team in the All-Female classification.
Final Presentations
  • Fastest Team in each division.
  • Open Champion (Open and All-Female)
  • Under 21 Champion (Open and All-Female)
  • 40-49 Champion (Open and All-Female)
  • 50-59 Champion (Open and All-Female)
  • 60+ Champion (Open and All-Female)
  • Jerseys will be presented at the completion of relevant stages; recipient riders are required to be in attendance.
  • To respect the race and sponsors, riders are required to wear their team kit onto podiums.
Course & Support
  • Roads will be a mix of open and closed.
  • Riders crossing unbroken white lines (or using more than half the road when white lines are absent) will be fined and potentially disqualified.
  • No team cars are allowed on course. Penalties apply (see Race Book).
  • Due to the large number of competitors it is not guaranteed that riders will be serviced by support vehicles in a timely fashion. It is advised that competitive teams formulate their own plan to supply protected riders with a spare wheel or a replacement bike from another rider within the team.
  • The best spectator viewing points are at the finish lines of each stage.


The Tour caters for teams with a broad range of abilities. You need to need be able to ride above 25kmh and have good bunch riding skills. Teams are allocated to divisions of similar ability based on times achieved in the stage one time trial.

The Tour is genuinely a race for teams in open and all-female categories. The primary objective of your team is to win the trophy available in your race division by accumulating the fastest team time across the various stages of the Tour.

Tour jerseys are available to win in each racing division. Teams should structure their membership to create opportunities to win jerseys. The 2019 Tour had a total of 36 jerseys to be won, across all divisions and age groups.


Idle Timing


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