The 2024 Format



52km – 780vm

Fri Nov 1st: Donnybrook
Racing starts at 10am

This course is one of the most scenic ride routes in WA and one of our all-time favourites, featured in the 2018 TOMR Breakaway Ride. We’re so excited to be able to bring this route into the racing side of TOMR. Launching from the delightful town of Donnybrook, right next to the Apple Fun Park, the route leaves Donnybrook via Emerald and Goodwood Roads, turning left onto the splendidly scenic Upper Capel Road, where the racing starts with the first GC segment of the Tour (18km). At the 20.25km mark (the new bridge) the GC segment ends, followed almost immediately by the start of the first KOM/QOM segment of the Tour, a long 8km climb into Kirup. At the 28km mark, almost in the township of Kirup, the KOM/QOM segment ends and riders roll through Kirup and across the South Western Highway under neutral conditions. All riders must stop at the highway intersection and give way to any traffic, before rolling across onto Brookhampton Road. After nearly 5 kms of neutral riding, at the 34.5km mark the first Sprint segment of the Tour starts (13km). At the 48.5km mark, the Sprint segment finishes and riders return to the start under neutral conditions, giving way to traffic as they make the right turn onto the South Western Highway.


91km – 1627vm

Sat Nov 2nd: Balingup-Nannup-Greenbushes
Racing starts at 8am

The 91km 1627vm Queen Stage Road Race features the Balingup-Nannup Road, which is one of WA’s top tourist drives and one of the favourite routes of our TOMR racing community, as well as the iconic Brockman Wall and Kandalee Catapult climbs. The route starts in Balingup, races through Nannup and finishes in Greenbushes. The course is closed to all non-event traffic. The entire route is a GC Segment from start to finish (no neutral sections) and is raced in divisions, so the pace will be high from the gun. The 20km ‘Sprint’ segment starts at the 11.7km mark at Wrights Bridge on Balingup-Nannup Road and finishes at the Reveley Bridge/Agg Road intersection at 31.7km. Teams then continue racing into Nannup, turning left onto Grange Road, navigating the hay bales at the chicanes, and turning left again onto Brockman Highway. The KOM/QOM Segment starts at the 42km mark, as riders take on the 3.6km Brockman Wall. The racing continues onto Maranup Ford Road at the 73.2km mark, where riders take a left turn and make the final push for Greenbushes along the Kandalee Catapult climb. Once in Greenbushes, riders make the right turn onto Blackwood Road for the exciting 300-metre sprint finish.


65.7km – 715vm

Sun Nov 2nd: Margaret River Choc Factory
Racing starts at 7:30am

Stage 3 represents a homecoming of sorts for TOMR, starting and finishing at the Margaret River Chocolate Company and winding through the Margaret River Region localities of Metricup, Yelverton, Yallingup Siding, Gunyulgup and Wilyabrup. Teams start racing from the gun on the 15km Sprint Segment along Harmans Mill Road, Puzey Road, Yelverton Road and Yelverton North Road. After a fast (mostly) downhill ‘sprint’, teams regather along 5km of neutral course before launching into the Hayes Road climb and a double-header 9.3km KOM/QOM Segment that also includes the Biddle Road Climb, a favourite of our local clubs. Connecting the two climbs is a fast and smooth 3km downhill stretch along Commonage Road. Once the final KOM/QOM Segment is completed, teams will regroup along Sheoak and Marrinup Drives before turning onto the iconic Caves Road to commence the final CG Segment, which turns left onto the Wildwood Road climb, right onto Abbeys Farm Road and finishes along the fast, fun and scenic Puzey Road just before Johnson Road. A neutral roll back along Puzey Road and Harmans Mill Road will bring riders back into the Margaret River Chocolate Company via Tom Cullity Drive.


Individual and team results based on scores

  • There are three segments on each stage (GC, KOM and SPRINT). Only the segment times are used to calculate scores.
  • Each rider’s average km/hr time for each segment will be converted to points (e.g. 36.2km/hr average = 36.2 points). The points system keeps the results ‘alive’ until the end of the last stage.
  • A team’s score for each segment is the average of the team’s four highest points for each segment.
  • A team’s score for each stage is the sum of the three segment scores (above).
  • A team’s allocation to a Division for Stage 2 will be based their stage 1 score. The higher the score, the higher the Division. Division A will be made up of the teams with the top 10 highest scores.

Awards (Provisional only – subject to change until August 1st)

  • Stage 1 Grand Pursuit: Fastest Team in the Open Classification and Fastest Team in the All-Female classification are awarded the TOMR Gold Medal.
  • Stage 2 Road Race: First, second and third riders in each division are awarded the TOMR Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals respectively.
Final Presentations
  • Divisional Champion Team: The highest scoring team in each Division is awarded the TOMR Divisional Trophy and each team member is awarded the TOMR Gold Medal.
  • Divisional Runner-Up Team: Each team member in the second-highest scoring team in each Division is awarded the TOMR Silver Medal.
  • GC Age Group Yellow Jersey Winners:  riders in each age category with the highest score across the GC segments.
  • KOM/QOM Age Group Polka Dot Jersey Winners:  riders in each age category with the highest score across the KOM/QOM segments.
  • SPRINT Age Group Green Jersey Winners:  riders in each age category with the highest score across the SPRINT segments.
A brief note about the ‘SPRINT’ segments

The word ‘SPRINT’ is used with some degree of poetic license, as the SPRINT segments in TOMR 2024 are much longer than what would usually be considered a Sprint Segment. It’s more about the shape of the segment profile. All the Sprint Segments are on gradual declines, so for the really powerful/heavier riders, these segments are where they will shine.



  • $2640 per team of six ($440 per rider).
  • Only the Team Manager can register a team.
  • Upon initial registration, the Team Manager can select to pay a deposit of $480, or pay in full ($2640). An invoice for $2160 will then be sent to the Team Manager for payment by EFT.
  • It is the Team Manager’s responsibility to forward the team’s registration link to all team members so that they can register their own details.
  • The registration fee can only be refunded up to October 1st 2024. After October 1st, if a team decides it cannot participate, registrations can be rolled over to TOMR 2025, or the Team Manager can find a replacement team to fill the place and ensure that all registration details within the registration system are changed to the new team.
  • If, at any time after registration, any individual team member decides they cannot compete, it will be the responsibility of the Team Manager to organise a replacement rider, and organise the repayment of the outgoing rider by the incoming rider. Individual team member payments will not be refunded by Cycling Eventures. It is also the Team Manager’s responsibility to ensure that the registration details of the outgoing rider are replaced with those of the incoming rider in the Race Result platform.

Licenses and age restrictions

  • A current AusCycling annual Race All Discipline membership or an AusCycling 7-Day Event Licence are both suitable for the TOMR race. (The 4-Week Free Trial membership is not valid for TOMR.)
  • Team Managers are required to present proof of the above licenses for all team members at the Licence Check Desk prior to receiving their race packs at the Registration Desk.  Race packs can be collected at the Event Hub at Shelter Brewing Co. in Busselton on Thursday afternoon, October 31st, or at the Event Village in Donnybrook on Friday November 1st.
  • Silver Cycling Australia Licenses and Tri Licences are not acceptable.
  • Age is calculated as at November 1st 2024.
  • All riders holding a current Under 19 AusCycling race licence are eligible to enter.
  • Male U17 riders who are transitioning to U19 on October 1st this year may participate in the event. However, female riders in this same scenario are restricted to racing no more than 80km, and therefore must apply for an exemption via the AusCycling national pathways team, at least one month prior to the event. This application can be sent to the WA Office via U17 riders who are not transitioning to U19 cannot participate.


  • Teams are to consist of 6 riders with a nominated Team Manager, who can be riding or non-riding.
  • It is the Team Manager’s responsibility to register their team/s, forward the registration link to their team members, read the TOMR Race Book, ensure that all team members are well informed of the rules of racing and the racing schedule, and ensure that team logistics are in hand.
  • All male and mixed teams compete in the Open Classification (mixed teams are a mix of men and women).
  • All female teams compete in the All-Female Classification, but can apply to compete in the Open Division.
  • All team members must present to all stages in matching jerseys, with the exception of professional riders who are contractually prevented from doing so.
  • No deliberate drafting with other teams on the Grand Pursuit stages.
  • Riders are required to complete each stage in order to start the next.
  • Protests must be lodged to Commissaires by Team Managers only.