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May 2014

The cows are back

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One of the most prestigious prizes in Australian cycling?  Well maybe not, but the two questions we are asked most are; “Where do you get the cows from?” and “Will you be having the cows again in 2014?”  In short the answer is yes! For last year’s champion Theo Yates the 2014 tour will be an opportunity to add some more heifers to his little herd.

Tiny Tour

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One of the great ideas “borrowed” from the Tour Down Under. Okay, so it’s just a few bales of hay and a couple of speed humps, but if you are only five and you have just taken the trainer wheels off your bike the Tiny Tour can be every bit a nerve racking as the tour itself. Dad’s about to finish his race? Who cares we are having too much fun on the Tiny Tour!

Power to Burn

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Which rider in the peloton is putting out the most power? This year with the help of Verve Cycling and their Infocrank we will be holding a Wattage Competition in the tour village to see who is actually dropping the biggest “Watt bombs”. This competition should be a great spectacle as well as creating the opportunity for participating riders to win some really great prizes.