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August 2017

Hogg caps brilliant career with Tour selection

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Cove Legal Racing has selected Australian cricketing superstar Brad Hogg in their 2017 TOMR Team. With a mix of exuberance and extraordinary skills “Hoggy” has spun his way into Australian cricketing folklore by his virtue of being able to take wickets at crucial points in big games. How that athleticism and energy translates to cycling will be of great interest in November, we can almost hear the chants of “Hoggy, Hoggy” on The Mur de Hay.┬áBrad was recently announced as an Ambassador for Lifeline and Cove Legal has supported Youth Focus for many years, so the CLR team will be also be riding this year to help increase awareness of mental health issues.

Irishman has eyes on Tour

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It’s six months before the Giro ‘d Italia arrives on Irish shores and amongst the numerous tasks needing completion before the biggest event in the history of the Island sits the most fearsome task of all, someone has to travel around to all of the Churches and inform them that they will not be able to conduct their normal services when the race comes through their respective villages. Who do you send? They have to be strong, but not abrasive, they have to be firm but not pushy and they will have to drink twenty-nine cups of tea in a day and consume cakes and biscuits beyond measure.

Since his retirement from the pro peloton, Stephen Gallagher has quietly earned himself the reputation as one of the best race organisers in Europe. It is with great enthusiasm and anticipation that we welcome him to our TOMR team as our Race Director for 2017.

First up on Stephen’s agenda is to secure┬álonger sections of closed roads to move us all closer to the Pro Tour experience.

Tea anyone?