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November 2014

It’s a wrap on 2014, but where to now for the tour?

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More spectator barricades, more parking and more food options in the village, these are a few of the ideas flowing through to our desk post tour. Already we have also had several teams approaching us looking to secure invites for 2015. We need to look at our invites in context of our desire to incorporate at least a few teams from the Eastern States and a few from overseas. We are also conscious of the fact that securing a place sooner rather than later is relevant to the planning and sponsor procurement of our participating teams. It’s a nice problem to have with more teams wanting to race than we can cater for, but never the less it is a real problem and one that we will be looking into over  the next few weeks.  Two things that we can say for sure about 2015; The Pro-Am format will be back and we will be pushing out into the hillier areas of the greater Blackwood Valley.  Feel free to send us your feedback and feel free to send us details of potential stages that you would like to see included in future tours.

Hall wins fans, and nearly the tour.

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He may have narrowly missed out on taking home the Satalyst Green Jersey to team mate Shannon Johnson, but Stephen Hall’s courageous effort to start and complete Stage 5 will remain one of the endearing memories of the 2014 Tour. The above podium picture celebrates his decisive victory on the final climb of Stage 2 just hours before his tour nearly came to a premature end during the sprint finish of Stage 3.

Mackey sees off rivals to win Pink Jersey.

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She may not class herself as a climber, but a decisive move on Stage 2 set Arbitrage Racing’s Rebecca Mackey up to win the tour’s Pink Jersey. Mackey didn’t have it all her own way though and had to see off strong challenges from team mate Cassia Higgs and up and coming star Erin Kinnealy.  All three riders consistently showed the ability to break away from the women’s peloton during the tour.  Mackey spent most of the final stage of the tour in a break with Kinnealy before riding away in the final kilometre to secure her third stage victory.

Yates takes out Stage 5 as Johnson wins the tour.

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In a reverse of the result from the previous day Satalyst Giant’s Theo Yates came over the top over Shannon Johnson to win the final stage of the tour. Johnson’s second place in the stage was enough to elevate him above courageous team mate Stephen Hall in the tour’s final overall standings. Hall suffered a serious fall in Stage 4 but bravely rode through his injuries to finish a credible 9th in the final stage.  Dylan Pierre-Humbert rounded off the open podium to cement and outstanding tour for the Wormall Civil Team.

Stage 3 lives up to expectations.

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Some amazing scenery and some amazing performances on day 3 of the tour. Our Men’s Leader was taken out in the sprint, Johnson lived up to expectations, Kinnealy thrills her South West fans and our Total Travel WA Sprint Jersey moves to Group 3!  As much action as the Tour de France? We think more! Tomorrow is Super Sunday for spectators, if you live within driving distance you absolutely have to make the journey down South.

Hall and Mackey lead the race as Abitrage look to dominate.

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We have had some patches of inclement weather and glimpses of the perfect Spring days, but after two stages Stephen Hall and Rebecca Mackey lead to the race in their respective categories. Both riders have the support of strong teams as evident in the Stage 1 Time Trial and both will look to secure their positions in a lumpy Stage 3 that will take the tour through some beautiful countryside before ending up in the normally peaceful rural hamlet of Rosa Brook. Stage results can be found at

The ultimate souvenir of the tour.

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We will have a few of our Kerry Brooks designed posters left over that we will be selling from the Tour Village. Get in early Thursday if you would like one and then get around with your marker pen and see if you can get the signatures of all of the pro riders featured on the poster. Your bedroom wall or poolroom will never be the same.

TBS joins our official photographic team for the Tour.

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We think that Tim Bardsley-Smith is one our the best cycling photographers in the country and we are very excited about having him coming across the county to be a part of this year’s tour. Tim will join Tony Lendrum to make the foundation of what we think will be a sensational team to capture images the tour. If you are like us and can’t wait to see the photos of this year’s race,  check out some of Tim’s work at The Tour Down Under to get you bye.  TBS Photography

Regional icon set to feature again in 2014 Tour

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There is so much history associated with Vasse Felix Estate make sure you get the chance to visit in ordinary time. Stage 2 this year will start under neutral conditions at the Tour Village and then roll out through the Estate, last year this was the Queen Stage of the tour, however this year we think that overall Stage 3 is the more challenging.