Grit your teeth and silence your legs…Jensie is coming to the Tour!

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The universe may have conspired to keep him away in 2017, but it’s official…Jens Voigt will be at the 2018 Tour of Margaret River!

Famous for being one of world’s most tenacious breakaway specialists, and admired for being one of cycling’s most genuine and amiable personalities, we believe Jens is the perfect fit for the Tour. We can’t wait for you to meet him!

Your first chance is at the Medio Fondo with Jens on Thursday November 8th. All teams registered in the 2018 Tour receive automatic entry to this pre-race ride. This is your ideal opportunity to meet and ride with Jens away from the pressure of racing, which starts the next day.

SHUT UP! Jens is coming to the Tour!

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